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Major Specific Information

Certain academic departments across campus have specific regulations that must be followed, including while a student is studying abroad. All students who participate in an education abroad program will be expected to obtain course approvals for the courses they intend to take while abroad. The process is outlined more specifically in the student's online account; however, students will need to meet with the appropriate Academic Department Chair to obtain approvals for specific courses.

Please find your area of study and read the information thoroughly. 

UWL Students who are planning to study abroad and transfer courses back to their programs at UWL are expected to obtain approval of their course selections from the CBA faculty, as part of their academic planning. This is supposed to be done well in advance of their study abroad experience. Students should direct their attention to the "Education Abroad Course Equivalency" database to determine if the courses students are planning to take have already been evaluated for transfer.

IN THE CASE WHERE AN EVALUATION HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE, the student will print out the information from the database, write it on their Academic Plan sheet, bring both to their faculty advisor for approval. NO further review is required after this point.

WHEN EVALUATIONS HAVE NOT BEEN DONE PREVIOUSLY, OR WHEN EVALUATIONS ARE MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD, the student may be directed to the Dean's Office to address obtaining evaluations for the courses. Amelia Dittman will facilitate review of new or outdated courses with the Dept. Chairs.

NOTE: Economics and Finance courses that have been previously evaluated (prior to Fall 2013) as specific equivalencies; i.e., ECO 340 or FIN 355, will require new review by the Dept. Chair. Those evaluated as elective--FIN 000L/U, ECO000L/U, and the like--will NOT require additional review.

Modern Languages
Language/Country Contact
French Dr. Poulton or
Dr. Cassidy
German Dr. Audie Olson
Dr. Shelley Hay
Alicante (CEA), Madrid, Alcala de Henares, & Salmanca, Spain
Cadiz & Seville (UW-P), Spain;
Valladolid, Spain; Puebla, Mexico (UDLAP)
Cuba, Puerto Rico, & Dominican Republic (All Locations)
Buenos Aires, Argentina; Chile (All Cities)
Costa Rica & Nicaragua (API);  Ecuador;  Queretaro, Mexico
Girona, Barcelona, Bilbao, & Granada, Spain
Hindson, Calmes
Costa Rica & Nicaragua (CEA), Peru (All Cities)
Spanish Education
All MC-EA Education Majors
Hindson, Shanks
All EC-A/EA-A Education Majors
Note: Spanish majors may receive no more than 18 credits towards their major within an academic year abroad. During the summer, students may receive the following:
4 week program: 4-5 credits
6 week program: 6-8 credits
8 week program: 8-10 credits
10 week program: 8-10 credits

Other Academic Departments, obtain approvals from the appropriate academic department chair. You can find the department chair listing here:

If you have questions about education abroad or international programs, you can refer to the Department/Division Education Abroad Advisor's network below as well. These are individuals who are passionate and knowledgeable about international opportunities and would love to speak about their experiences in greater detail.

Department/Division Education Abroad Advisor's Network
CLS Deans Office Ruthann Benson
Sandy Keller
Troy Richter
Tim Walls
Health Professions Robin McCannon
CBA Deans Office Carla Burkhardt
Guy Herling
Scott Stine
History Victor Macias Gonzalez
SAH Deans Office TBA Microbiology Mike Winfrey
Academic Advising Center Lori Anderson
Sharie Brunk
Frank Tierney
Modern Languages Francine Klein
Careers Services Karolyn Bald
Brenda Leahy
Music TBA
Art Jennifer Terpstra Philosophy Eric Kraemer
Chemistry Aaron Monte Political Science & Public Administration Cecilia Manrique
Communications Ayesha Patnaik Psychology  
English David Hart
Gary Konas
Sociology & Archaeology Tim McAndrews
ESL Institute TBA Theatre Arts Joe Anderson
Beth Cherne
Walter Elder
Mandy Hart
Ethnic & Racial Studies Vicent Her Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies TBA