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Non-UWL Student

Students from other institutions can participate in any UWL Education Abroad Program.

All students need to be enrolled at UWL in order to participate in a UWL education abroad program. Therefore, non-UWL students are required to apply and be admitted to UWL as a special non-degree student. Find information about the special non-degree application HERE

There will be a question on the application that will ask to select a reason for the special non-degree application. Select "study abroad" or "exchange" on that question so that the UWL Admissions Office know that you are applying to UWL in order to participate in an education abroad program.

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm a non-UWL student; what's my pin number?

The Personal Identification Number is a 4-digit number used for accessing the WINGS system. For first-time users, the PIN is the month and day of your birth (i.e., birth date = May 12, PIN is 0512). You will be required to change your PIN on your first entry. The new number cannot be the same four numbers (e.g. 9999) or the original PIN number. If you have forgotten your PIN, call the registration help line at (608) 785-8951.

I’m a non-UWL student. How do I access my UWL e-mail?

All students participating in a UWL sponsored education abroad program will be issued a UWL e-mail account. You will need to set up your account and check it periodically as this is where all billing information will be sent. Your UWL e-mail address will be the first eight letters of your last name; then “dot;” then the first four letters of your first name followed by "" (example: In order to set up your e-mail account (referred to as EagleApps) follow these instructions:

Set your EagleApps Password

Your EagleApps username is the first eight letters of your last name; then “dot;” then the first four letters of your first name (example: David Smith=smith.davi). This is referred to as your NetID. Before you can log into EagleApps you must set your EagleApps password. To set your EagleApps password, visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

Login to EagleApps

You can login to EagleApps with your EagleApps username and password. Your EagleApps username is your 8.4 (now referred to as your UW-L NetID). The password you use to login to EagleApps will be the password you set in step 1.

You can login to your EagleApps e-mail at by clicking the Mail icon or going directly to Your EagleApps password must be at least 8 characters long.

I'm a non-UWL student; how will I receive billing statements?

Your student bill will be e-mailed to your UWL student email account once the appropriate term begins. Billing will follow the deadlines that have been determined by UWL. Once notified via e-mail, students can view their billing details through their WINGS account. You should have received log-in details for both your UWL e-mail and WINGS account shortly after you submitted your special, non-degree application to UW-L. If you have issues locating or accessing your log-in details, please contact the UWL ITS or Eagle Center Help Desk at: or (608) 785-8774.