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Tips and Advice from Alumni

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Glassen China Alumni:
Connor Glassen
Program & Location:
ISEP Chengdu, China
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in Chengdu, China?
"Buff up on your Chinese, like spicy food, and be willing to try new things."

Final Thoughts...
"Be open, flexible and go with the flow of life in your host country. Learn the customs because what's normal here may not be normal there.

Piotrowski India Alumni:
Alina Piotrowski
Program & Location:
Faculty-led India
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in India?
"Try the street food! It'll be worth it, whether you end up liking the food or not, because you didn't travel across the globe to stay in your comfort zone."

Final Thoughts...
"Give the experience your all; if you hold back or hesitate, I can guarantee that you will regret it later."

Stubbe, Connor Denmark Alumni:
Connor Stubbe
Program & Location:
CBS Copenhagen, Denmark
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in Copenhagen, Denmark?
"Copenhagen is literally one of the best cities in the world to live in and study in. The Danes are extremely nice, friendly, and love to have a good time."

Final Thoughts...
"Take pictures of everything! Journal! You're going to forget the little awesome details of things you did and saw; write them down."

Vaughan England Alumni:
Cassie Vaughan
Program & Location:
UW Platteville London, England
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in London, England?
"Make the most of the city. Be a tourist until you feel well-acquainted. Take day trips to different places.
Make a list of all the things you want to do."

Final Thoughts...
"Say 'yes' to adventures. Say 'yes' to new friends. Say 'yes' to things you wouldn't normally say yes to!"

Puent France Alumni:
Whitney Puent
Program & Location:
CEA Antibes, France
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in Antibes, French Riviera?
"Go to Jean Luc Pele for an almond croissant!
Get involved in campus activities!"

Final Thoughts...
"Take time to enjoy the city you are in. Traveling while abroad is great, and cheap, but you want to be able to look back on your experience and feel like you lived in one city and became a part of that city."

Eklund Germany Alumni:
Emily Eklund
Program & Location:
Hessen-WI Marburg an der Lahn, Germany
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in Marburg, Germany?
"The university offers a program called Tandem Partners where you are paired with a German student who is at a certain language of English (based on how well you speak German) who would like work on their English while helping you speak German"

Final Thoughts...
"Do a lot of research before you go."

Mueller Ireland Alumni:
Kelly Mueller
Program & Location:
Faculty-led Galway, Ireland
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in Galway, Ireland?
"Bring a variety of clothing options that you can easily layer. The weather was warm enough for shorts some days and sweatpants the next."

"Avoid traveling in big groups especially when you go out to eat. At least in Ireland most places are not prepared or used to serving many people at once."

Earley, Catherine Italy Alumni:
Catherine Earley
Program & Location:
API Florence, Italy
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in Florence, Italy?
1. Hike to Piazzale Michelangelo at Sunset.
"I promise you will remember it as the moment you fell in love with Florence."
2. Never try to wear high heels, the cobblestones make it impossible.
3. Pino's is the absolute best place for paninis.
4. Walk everywhere!
5. Discover the secret bakery.

Kirchner, Alex Scotland Alumni:
Alex Kirchner
Program & Location:
Direct-Enroll Glasgow, Scotland
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in Scotland?
"Enjoy the city, even if its raining make the most of it!"

Finals Thoughts...
"Enjoy the time you have because it FLYS by. You may miss your family and friends but remember they'll still be there when you get back. Make sure not to dwell on being alone. Go out, make friends and have a good time!"
Johnson Spain Alumni Alumni:
Nic Johnson
Program & Location:
CEA Seville, Spain
What advice would you give to students who simply plan to study abroad?
It is easy to compare your culture to a new one and start making value judgments. Don't. Where you come from, what you're used to, what you like - none of that is inherently better or worse. Appreciate your new environment, notice the differences and challenge yourself to think about how those changes affect the culture. Be bold. You have one life, do something you would never have imagined doing.

Roemhildt, Lisa Chile Alumni:
Lisa Roemhildt
Programm & Location:
API Valpariso, Chile
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in Chile?
"Be prepared for crazy bus drivers and incredibly fast Spanish, but don't let that scare you. Chile is a beautiful country and Chileans are very friendly."

Final Thoughts...
"Embrace feeling out of the ordinary. You're in a new place and things may feel uncomfortable, but in the end living and adapting to a new culture is a beautiful thing."

Palmiter Ecuador Alumni:
Colleen Palmiter
Program & Location:
Faculty-led Bunche, Ecuador
What advice would you give someone who plans to study in Bunche, Ecuador?
"Don't be afraid to speak to the local people, even if they don't understand you well they will always make an effort to communicate."

Final Thoughts...
"Try your hardest to delve into the culture and immerse yourself in the way that they live. You will get more out of your experience if you don't hold back."

New Zealand
Scott Carney
Program & Location:
Global Links/ISA Wellington, New Zealand
What is one item you forgot to pack?
Green Bay Packers Gear

Advice & Tips for future study abroad students:
Partake in non-traditional steps to selecting the apprioate study abroad location and program. For example stroll the internet and use Wiki Travel to read first hand accounts of best places to dine and also health and risk alerts. Also, Google Maps is another fun tool for future study abroad students since street view is the closest a human can actually be there without actually being there.