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An experience abroad is really about you! Here are some ways in which you can help us, help you.

1. Determine your priorities.
Academics:  Meet with your academic advisor to map out the rest of your academic track at UWL, so you know what courses you will need to target each semester to remain on track for graduation. This also helps you figure out which term would be most appropriate for you to spend abroad.  UWL requires students to have a 2.5 minimum combined cumulative GPA (including transfer credits) in order to study abroad.  Please note that particular programs may have higher minimum requirements. 

Finances: If you have not done so, take a look at what kind of financing options you have at your disposal. Whether it is through the Financial Aid Office, Scholarships, Loans, or possibly research grants. This may help us narrow down the location options for you. Learn more about financial aid and education abroad here!

2. Learn the program options, timelines, locations and cost.
Programs: Search based on program, area of study, location or time frame using the "Programs" tab on the top right side of the screen.

Exchange Programs and Direct Enroll programs are programs in which UW-La Crosse has an agreement with a specific university abroad. These programs are based on a reciprocal exchange which allows UWL to send students to these universities, and allows these universities to send students to La Crosse. Exchange programs are more affordable because they are based on an even balanced exchange program between UWL and the host institution. Though both exchange and direct enroll programs will cost more that studying at UWL, these programs can be more affordable than provider programs since UWL and the host institutions try to minimize costs as much as possible. If cost is an issue for you, we encourage you to take a look at our direct/exchange programs first.

Provider Programs are third party organizations or affiliates who have their own partnerships overseas; UWL has an agreement with the following companies, allowing students to participate in their programs as a sponsored UWL program.
Cost: Students will receive a Budget Fee Summary at Pre-Departure Orientation. Information regarding provider program fees can be accessed here: Program Provider Fees

3. Meet with Office Staff
International Education Ambassadors: Your first stop is to meet with an International Education Ambassador. To see the hours of availability for the International Education Ambassadors, click here.
Education Abroad Staff: Set up an appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor! You can e-mail or drop by and make an appointment with our front desk in 1209 Centennial. If you request an appointment via email, please make sure to include in your email dates and times you are available and the program(s) you are considering. 
4. Attend a Study Abroad 101 Session. Join IEE staff every Wednesday at 4PM in 1209 Centennial (IEE) to learn more about international program opportunities!

5. Attend the spring or fall Education Abroad Fair. Learn about the National Exchange Program (NSE) and all the education abroad opportunities offered at UWL.

6. Apply for a Program. Before applying for a program, it is important that you know which program you are applying to. Please take a look at the "How to Apply" page before starting an application.

7. Join our Social Network. Whether you prefer Facebook or Twitter, we would like you to join our online network and share your experience from start to finish with us. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and Twitter @IEEUWL