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Withdrawal From the Program After Commitment to Participate:
International Education & Engagement reserves space on the program for the participant upon receipt of the program commitment. At this point, International Education & Engagement incurs certain non-recoverable costs. Therefore, any participant who withdraws at any time after commitment will be responsible for the non-refundable application fee ($50) and commitment deposit ($500) in addition to the following, upon withdrawal from the program:

Withdrawal Period & Amount Due

Withdrawal Period Amount Due
Withdrawal at ANY time AFTER
commitment to participate
$250 - Failure to adhere to the "Commitment to Participate"
60 days or more $400—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
45–59 days $600—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
30–44 days $1,000—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
15–29 days $1,500—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
14 days or less before start date of program $3,000—up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)
Begin date of program and thereon after Full program fee

NOTE: International Education & Engagement will consult with the partner institutions and program providers for non-recoverable costs.

Participants who defer to another term rather than withdrawing from a program within 60 days of the start of the program must pay a second application fee and remain responsible for the withdrawal policy based on the deferred date. Students cannot defer to another term to avoid withdrawal fees. Once committed only one deferral is allowed and must be to another term within one calendar year of the original term. If a student defers to another term and then withdraws from that term the student will be responsible for the withdrawal policy from both terms.

NOTE: Under no circumstance will a refund be issued to a student found to be in violation of the Statement of Responsibility, UWL academic eligibility or any other code of conduct agreement signed by the student with a partner or provider institution

Education Abroad costs billed to the student's WINGS account at UWL include:
  • UWL Education Abroad Application Fee (non-refundable) ($50).
  • UWL Commitment Deposit (non-refundable) ($500).
  • UWL Contingency Fee mandated by UW-System to cover emergencies ($100).
  • CISI Health Insurance (cost based upon program length).
  • If a faculty-led program, a course program fee (may or may not include airfare, room & board, in-country transportation, etc.).
  • If a faculty-led program or exchange program, standard UWL tuition fees based on number of credits.
  • If a program provider, most program costs are billed to the students' WINGS account at UWL directly to the program provider. It's the student's responsibility to pay provider program application fees and confirmation/commitment deposits directly to the program provider.

Remember, applying for an Education Abroad program is an important commitment. Please read through these policies:

  1. Participants enrolling in a UWL Education Abroad program must be aware that UWL and any Education Abroad Program Provider reserves the right to make changes to itineraries, travel arrangements, hotels, excursions, activities or other arrangements. Such changes are not grounds for cancellation of program.
  2. All students participating on an education abroad program are required to have CISI insurance coverage for UWL programs or equal or greater coverage through their program provider. Insurance is almost always built-in to the program costs.
  3. Students must notify International Education & Engagement in writing (email is acceptable) if they wish to withdraw from a program.
  4. Withdrawal is effective on the date that International Education & Engagement receives notification in writing.
  5. If a student chooses to withdraw from a Study Abroad program, the participant will be responsible for paying the:
    • UWL Education Abroad Application fee
    • UWL Commitment Deposit
    • All Program Provider Withdrawal or Penalty fees
    • If a faculty-led program: any unrecoverable program costs that International Education & Engagement or the program has incurred on his or her behalf. Such costs may include, but are not limited to: pre-paid meals, pre-paid room or housing reservation deposits, airline deposits or airline tickets, bus rental fees, and payments for guides.
    • If faculty-led: a fee equal to the student’s portion of the group expenditures of the program (i.e. student’s portion of bus rental, student’s portion of faculty leader costs, etc.) based on the number of program participants.
  6. Students are encouraged to purchase trip cancellation insurance which can be obtained through many travel agents or insurance companies (
  7.  If a student chooses to withdraw after a program's commencement for any reason, no refunds will be given. In addition, these students may not be eligible to receive academic credit from the program. Early program withdrawal may also have financial aid implications.
  8.  If a student is dismissed from a program due to behavioral, academic, legal, or other related issues, no refunds will be given. In this case any expenditures relating to the students dismissal and early return are the responsibility of the student.
  9. If a student chooses not to participate in a program activity (such as a field trip, excursion, cultural event, included meals, etc.), no portion of the program cost will be refunded.
  10. If UWL cancels a program for safety reasons prior to departure or after commencement of the program, International Education & Engagement will make every effort to refund recoverable program costs to the participants. Unrecoverable program expenses (e.g., airline, excursion expenses, housing fees or reservation deposits) cannot be refunded. Under these circumstances International Education & Engagement will make every effort to help students complete the academic work from the program.