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UWL Exchange Programs

UWL Exchange Programs are programs in which UW-La Crosse has an agreement with specific universities abroad. These programs are based on a reciprocal exchange, which allows UWL to send students to these universities for a semester or academic year, and these universities to send students to UWL. Exchange programs are cost effective as UWL students, even students paying out of stay tuition, will pay UWL resident tuition during their semester(s) abroad. However, they are also very competitive as placements are limited and depend on an even balance of students exchange between UWL and the host institution abroad.
Many of our exchange partner universities also offer a direct enroll option. So, it is very likely that those who are not placed as exchange students, can still participate in the same program and have the same benefits but as direct enroll students. To find out if an exchange program offers a direct enroll option, check the “FINANCIAL INFORMATION” tab in the online brochure for each exchange program. There, you will find the estimated direct enroll tuition, if that is an option for that program.
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