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1. View the Course Equivalency Database
  • A collection of courses previously taken abroad
  • This list does not confirm a student may receive credit. They must still complete the Academic Plan, using the steps below
  • If a course is not on this list that a student wants to take abroad, that is perfectly okay! The list is not comprehensive and new courses are added every semester.
2. Complete an Academic Plan
  • Located in your online program after acceptance
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to determine courses. Make a list of both preferred and alternative courses to earn credit for abroad.
  • Visit Department Chairs for approval
    1. For example, if you want to earn History credit for a course abroad, you must obtain approval from the History Department Chair.
    • Courses taken abroad with no approval will be transferred as GNL.
  • Submit your plan to IEE, 1209 Centennial or via email, when completed
    1. Provider programs will have separate course selection forms that need to be submitted directly to them, observing their deadlines.
Note: Faculty-led programs do not need to complete an academic plan UNLESS the student intends to transfer the credits back as something different than what is advertised for the program.

3. Converting Credits
  • If a UW-L course is worth 3 credits and the overseas course is work 5, students will receive the 3 credits toward their course and the remaining 2 as general credit (GEL).
  • Contact Hours: A contact hour is a 50 minute block of time spent in the classroom. To determine transfer credit equivalencies within the semester system, divide the total number of contact hours by 15. For example 45 hours equals 3 credits.  For a quarter system equivalency, divide the total number of contact hours by 10.
  • European Credit Transfer (ECTS) - One ECTS credit is worth approximately .5 U.S. credits.  For example, a course worth 5 ECTS would transfer to the U.S. as 2.5 or 3 U.S. credit hours
4. Grade Conversions
5. Failed Courses
  • Students cannot re-take a course they failed at UW-L while on a study abroad program. Students will need to re-take any previously failed courses on campus.
  • If a student fails a course abroad, it WILL be transferred back with that mark.