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University of Minnesota

UM MSID Programs. Even though these programs are run by the University of Minnesota, they work as providers. Providers are third party organizations or affiliates who have their own partnerships overseas and/or study centers. UM MSID Programs offer study abroad opportunities where students will pay a fee that includes at least a direct enroll tuition. This fee will vary depending on the location and very often will also include housing and meals. These programs seem more expensive at first, but they also include more. In most cases, they will have on site staff available to help students, they will organize excursions and cultural activities, pick students up at the airport, online support, and more. 
IMPORTANT: Students applying to an UM MSID program must complete 2 applications: One with UM and one with UWL. Only UM MSID programs in Ecuador, Senegal, Thailand, and Kenya are UWL approved programs. 
Start searching for UM MSID programs HERE!
Once you have started the application process with an UM MSID program, find the same program in the UWL Study Abroad application system and start the application process there as well.
Find UM MSID programs in the UWL application system HERE!
If at any point of the application process you need help, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor through Navigate.