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ISEP (Exchange & Direct Enroll)

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is an organization that partners with universities in over 50 countries. Since UWL is a member of this organization, UWL students can pursue education abroad opportunities in about 300 colleges around the world. Through ISEP, students can apply to exchange and direct enroll opportunities, but in this case UWL doesn’t have an agreement with the universities abroad, but with ISEP.
ISEP Exchange works very similar to UWL Exchange programs. However, in this case students will not only pay UWL resident tuition, but UWL housing and meals as well. Students participating in an ISEP exchange will not have to pay any of those fees abroad, only at UWL through their WINGS account. Placements can be very competitive as this is also a very affordable option and will also depend on an even balance of student exchange.
ISEP Direct Enroll works very similar to UWL Direct Enroll programs, except that students will pay a flat fee. This fee will vary depending on the location and what is included. Some ISEP Direct programs will include tuition, housing, and meals, while others could only include tuition and housing.
IMPORTANT: Students applying to an ISEP program must complete 2 applications: One with ISEP and one with UWL. If you decide to apply to an ISEP program, you must meet with an Education Abroad Advisor first to learn more about the application process.
Schedule a meeting with an Education Abroad Advisor HERE!
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Students can add up to 10 programs to the same ISEP application. However, you also want to make sure that the programs you add to your application will work with your education abroad and academic goals. So, before adding an institution to your application, you should research each institution well .
Once you have found ISEP program(s) you would like to apply to, find one of those programs in the UWL Study Abroad application system and start the application process. If you do not find the same program here, please let our office know. We offer all the programs ISEP offers, but sometimes we just need to add programs to our application system. You will only need to do one application in our application system, even if you add more than one program to your ISEP application. If ISEP places you at a different institution, our office will update your UWL application.

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